1. Too Dark Tonight! This one reminds me of here if I’m looking up the hill to my nearby neighbors house that does not have any nearby trees. At night of course.

      1. Really got to get you to mingled with us more on a daily basis. Or even on a weekly basis. We have so much fun getting to know each other.
        Hugs to you Allies! xx

      2. That s so sweet of you guys! I ll try to make more time and mingle with you. It s not that I don t want, I really wish it, it s just I don t really have time. Promise I ll make it up!
        Big hugs! xx

      3. I always read them on my e-mails, due to the subscription, but this morning, yes … I read many more and hit the “like” also. πŸ™‚ Hope your week will be great as well!

  2. Hey I saw your link on Debs site. I’m glad I clicked on you have some very cool art work here. I like the dark side of light and storm of feelings. I look forward to coming back to see more.

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